it’s been a while between up dates on the website so ill lay it all down on ya!

The Tattoo Zone gang will be hitting up the
Svenska Tatueringsmässan 2015 from the 24-26 of April
in Borgen Norrköping, Sweden, and then later on in the year
Stockholm Ink Bash 2015 from the 28 -30th of August in Stockholm, Sweden.
For more info, check these out:

The gallery has had an update, it now holds all the latest work from
Noby, and Yngve so check that shit out here:

So we are crushin’ it full steam ahead!

See you further on down the road,


Hey everyone!

Dearest friends and family,
Just an update of whats going on with us.  Noby is working away, and traveling a little bit as always, doing some real head turning work of all varieties, Yngve too has be kicking out some killer work, a couple of back pieces we can’t wait to show, and Shifty has his head down cleaning and learning. So I suppose you could say same as usual, but that is never the case with us as we are always evolving and moving forward, growing and learning every day!

So come down, even if it’s just for hang outs, we would love to see your smiling faces!



P.s Noby’s gallery has been updated.

The Convention, the metamorphosis


Dearest friends and comrades,
as Ink Bash looms we figure we would put out some old and new pics and do up our website a little, after all it’s a celebration in the Tattoo world of Stockholm. You can check out the updated gallery of work by Noby and Yngve too see some new stuff and you can also enjoy our new design here. The metamorphasis of the studio is almost complete and its time for you to come down and check out how we do it better, for longer. If I was a betting man I’d say we will see you soon, hell maybe now is a good time to start, after all the odds are in my favor!



A triumphant return.

hjortWe are glad to announce the triumphant return of former Tattoo Zone resident ink basher, Yngve! After some years of tattooing all over this fair city of ours (and abroad) we are proud to welcome him back to the nest. Our gallery has now grown to include his work, so do yourself a favour and go check that out! To book an appointment with Yngve either come down too the shop or email him at yngve@telia.com

So I can now say with confidence,
see you soon!

Shake your ink!

1743642_528670537247066_1277814515_nSo this year Noby will be back at ink bash kicking’ out some sweet tattoos for all you boys in girls! Get in touch if you want to reserve a spot, if years gone by are any indication they will be flying out!

Stay free,


Chillin’ whilst the earth spews lava!


So Noby has finally got himself a break after years of hammering away in the furnace that is Tattoo Zone, only to head to the nearest hotel possible to an active volcano! The day after he flew out I got to wondering how a man can work so hard for so long without stopping, and also, how many tattoos has this guy done, Fuck me!

So i kicked it into gear and started digging through all the old analogue photos from an illustrious career that has spanned over 3 decades to find all the stuff that got me ticking. I’ve added them all to the tattoo gallery section so check ’em out out along with the rest off the goodness in there.

Noby will make a triumphant and hopefully well rested return wednesday next week, until then the shop will stay open the usual hours ( Monday to Friday 12 – 17 ) with Shifty to keep watch. Until next time, enjoy the fruits my good people, enjoy the fruits!



The Long Game


The struggle continues! Forward you evil, skeleton, death warriors to a time and place where we can be free of the shackles of oppression! Kidding, kind of… but on a serious note, we are still keeping on, doin what we do, playing for keeps! Noby has been doing some no bullshit black work recently which is now up for you viewing pleasure on the gallery section of this website, along with our instagram (@nobystattoozone) and facebook (www.facebook.com/nobystattoozone) both of which are great other ways to follow the shop.

Cheers for all the support boys and girls, keep the good reviews rolling in, and we will keep the ink flowing.



20140217-143009.jpgHey gang,
how about that weather !? As it seems almost time to break out the sun block, I though I’d post this ship that Noby knocked out in under 2 hours, that’s some good old fashion German precision!
Now before you say it, I know it’s only February and the weather could turn again for the 1 millionth time in the last 3 months, but we all need a little half truths sometimes. Drop in any time, let’s hang out!

Sailin’ on

Hit The Road!


So Noby will be hitting the road in April! A straight shot down to the fatherland, more specifically the 14th Hamburg Tattoo Convention. He will be there on the 19th/20th/21st kickin’ out Noby originals. Hate to break it too ya folks, but he is booked solid for the 3 days.

So to all our German friends, come say hi at the table, let’s hang out, talk some crap.

It has been far too long.