Chillin’ whilst the earth spews lava!


So Noby has finally got himself a break after years of hammering away in the furnace that is Tattoo Zone, only to head to the nearest hotel possible to an active volcano! The day after he flew out I got to wondering how a man can work so hard for so long without stopping, and also, how many tattoos has this guy done, Fuck me!

So i kicked it into gear and started digging through all the old analogue photos from an illustrious career that has spanned over 3 decades to find all the stuff that got me ticking. I’ve added them all to the tattoo gallery section so check ’em out out along with the rest off the goodness in there.

Noby will make a triumphant and hopefully well rested return wednesday next week, until then the shop will stay open the usual hours ( Monday to Friday 12 – 17 ) with Shifty to keep watch. Until next time, enjoy the fruits my good people, enjoy the fruits!



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