This is the first of many communiqué’s from the depths of Nobys long time lair. The entrance into the digital has been reluctant, but recognized as a hammer to beat into your skulls what real tattoo’s are about and where we came from. No fucking around, Noby plays for keeps. This is a new beginning, a re-birth. The every growing and diluted tattoo world often forgets where it came from, getting lost in the shallow, impersonal depths of the social and news feeds. But hell, what ya gonna do? Keep on doing what you do, playing for keeps, tattoo’s that last, thats what. Keep an eye on this space for updates, news about Noby and the shop. Check out the gallery of Nobys work and other projects involving the shop. Keep up to date with the tour page, if you don’t live in Stockholm, Noby could be coming to a town near you. Contact Nobys Tattoo Zone in one of the various options listed on the contact section of this page. See you in the chair.